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Premium Saving Account

Premium Saving Account

Premium Savings Account

Premium Savings Account enables you to receive better returns on your savings. This account provides you with flexibility and accessibility you need and a higher premium interest rate to grow your money. Stay invested longer and earn more.

Available in both Canadian Dollars & US Dollars.

  • This account offers standard and premium interest rates

  • Standard interest and Premium interest are calculated daily on the account closing balance and paid monthly.

  • Premium interest rate is increasing as per following periods indicate:

Period 1

0 to 90 days

Standard Rate +0.05%

Period 2

91 to 180 days

Standard Rate +0.10%

Period 3

181 to 270 days

Standard Rate +0.20%

Period 4

271 days onwards

Standard Rate +0.25%



Interest Rates are subject to change without notice (Latest Interest Rates).

  • The CAD Premium Savings account can be linked with your Debit Card and it will be accessible through ATM

  • The account will be accessible also through Mobile Banking, and Internet Banking facilities.

  • A monthly account maintenance fee of CAD $15.00 / USD $15.00 will be charged to the account. (Latest Service Charges)

  • This monthly account maintenance fee will be waived if you maintain a daily balance of CAD $25000.00 / USD $25000.00 for the entire month in your Premium Savings account. (The billing cycle for the account maintenance fee is each calendar month).

  • Unlimited debit transactions per month are included in the monthly administration fee.

  • Safety of Deposits: SBI Canada Bank is a member of CDIC. (To find out information about deposit insurance from the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation including what instruments and/or products are eligible for deposit insurance, visit their website Information on deposit insurance is also available in the CDIC brochure entitled "Protecting Your Deposits")

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