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You may want transfer funds to your family members or friends to any place in India or any other overseas location. At SBI Canada Bank, we make this process easy and fast.

We can transfer your money very quickly at one of the cheapest applicable rates in Canada. Draw upon the enormous network of our Parent Bank – State Bank of India, which is the largest financial group in India.

Experience the power of 20,325 SBI Group Branches in India and 186 International Offices spread across 34 countries. With this expansive network we can reach almost everywhere in the world in real quick time and at a low cost.

You may transfer funds in Indian rupees or in other currencies such as USD/CAD/ GBP/ EUR/JPY.

You can transfer money not only to State Bank of India, but to any Bank in India of your choice. (Almost 143 NEFT enabled Banks: source:

We offer remittance through many channels which are adapted to suit your needs. You can transfer funds by using any of the following methods:

  • Visit any SBI Canada Bank Branch and you may use either wire transfer or purchase a demand draft to affect your money transfer
  Others SBI Canada Bank Account Holders
1 Use a Wire Transfer for remitting Indian Rupees (INR) C $ 10.00 If you are maintaining an account with any Branch of SBI Canada Bank, transfer unlimited funds through the account
(However conditions and disclosures apply for any remittance beyond
C $4000.00 or it’s Equivalent.)
(Latest Service Charges)
2 Use a Wire Transfer (Other currencies) C $ 50.00
3 Purchase a Demand Draft (INR) C $ 50.00 per draft
4 Purchase a Demand Draft (Other currencies) C $ 75.00per draft

For latest Rates & Charges please visit our website

To transfer Funds Online : (visit

Use the comfort of your home & leisure to transfer funds both in Canadian Dollars or USD

  You may use any of the following options: SBI Canada Bank Account Holders
    Fee Limits.
1 Wire Transfer (Online Banking) C $ 5.00 A maximum limit of C $ 10,000.00 per day / OR the Canadian equivalent if transferred in USD
Use the SBI Canada Bank Advantage
  • Transfer the funds at one of the lowest costs in Canada.
  • Benefit from the personalized service at our Branches.
  • Benefit from the competitive exchange rates offered by us to give you the full value of your money.
  • Enjoy fast, reliable & secure service. The beneficiary account gets credited normally within two business days.

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