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NRI (Non-Resident Indian)
Services in Canada

SBI Canada Bank (SBIC) facilitates NRI/OCI/PIO Status residents in Canada with forwarding certain requests relating to their accounts held with branches of State Bank of India (SBI) in India to Global NRI Centre (GNC), State Bank of India.

If you choose to deal with State Bank of India, you can visit their NRI Services by clicking here. You can download the forms here.

Should you choose to visit an SBI Canada Bank branch to facilitate forwarding your service requests please book an appointment here.

**Please carefully read through the customer disclosures at the bottom of this page before you book your appointment.

The following services are available by appointment only. Please ensure that while visiting the branch for your appointment, you carry all your identification documents for a seamless hassle-free experience.



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Currently, SBI Canada Bank would be facilitating customers with the following service request only.


Opening of NRO/NRE Account with SBI

If you're a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) and wish to open NRO/NRE accounts that are opened, maintained, and serviced by branches of SBI in India, our Canadian branches will facilitate forwarding your account opening forms to GNC.

  • Non-resident Ordinary Rupee Account (NRO) - Rupee account, taxable in India, with interest rates linked with Indian domestic deposit rates.
  • Non-resident External Rupee Account (NRE) - Rupee account, non-taxable in India, with interest rates decided by SBI.

You can open the above accounts if you're a Non-Resident Indian (NRI), Person of Indian origin (PIO) or overseas citizen of India (OCI), as defined in the Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999.



Change of Personal Details in Existing NRE/NRO Account with SBI

You can login to your SBI Internet Banking to change your mobile number and email address for transactions completed through internet banking.

  • Postal Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Passport Details
  • VISA / Work Permit Details
  • Change of Recorded Signature



Activating Internet Banking Facility

Register for Online SBI and get access to internet banking facility for your accounts with State Bank of India.



Services in NRE/NRO Account with SBI
  • Issuance of ATM card
  • Blocking of ATM card
  • Issue new ATM PIN
  • Issuance of Duplicate Passbook
  • Issuance of Cheque Book
  • Stop Cheque Payment Issued
  • Activate SMS Alerts Facility
  • Activate Standing Instruction
  • Transfer of Account & CIF Within SBI



KYC Update/Activation of Inoperative Accounts with SBI

Update Know your Customer (KYC) details for your account with SBI or operationalize your "Inoperative" NRO/NRE Account



Addition/Deletion of Joint Account Holders in NRO/NRE Account with SBI

You can add individuals who are of NRI/PIO/OCI status, as Joint holders to your existing NRE/NRO Account. You can also request for deletion of joint account holders from your existing NRE/NRO Account.



Nomination in NRE/ NRO Account with SBI



Amendment in Nomination in NRE/NRO Account with SBI



Conversion of Savings Account with SBI to NRO Account

If your residential status has undergone the change from Resident Indian (RI) to Non-Resident Indian (NRI), you can convert your existing Savings Bank Account with SBI to an NRO Account



book an appointment to your nearest branch to know morehandlehandlehandle



**Customer Disclosures
  • SBI Canada Bank would be forwarding the customers' request to Global NRI Centre, State Bank of India for processing.
  • SBI Canada Bank shall refer your subject request to State Bank of India without any legal or other fiduciary liability or obligation towards you whatsoever other than to forward the application to Global NRI Centre, State Bank of India.
  • The deposits held in accounts domiciled, and serviced by State Bank of India domestic branches in India are not insured by the "Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC)" or any other entity in Canada.
  • Please note that the documents submitted by you will be forwarded to GNC and will not be retained by SBI Canada Bank.
  • State Bank of India would be contacting you for any further requirements on the contact details as provided by you.
  • Please note that a service fee will be applicable. To know more, please see the service charges.

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