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How to Open an Account

How to open an account

Online Account Application


SBI Canada Bank is always looking for ways to expand the digital reach to our valued customers. The bank has introduced an upgraded Online Account Opening platform that provides a simpler and faster online account opening experience.


1.  Online Account Opening Benefits


The Online Account Application platform is a convenient and secure way to open a bank account from the comfort of your home or office. Currently, through this platform, you will be able to open Chequing, Saving and Super Saver account and avail the following benefits:


     a. Earn competitive interests on your account

     b. Get a free debit card

     c. 24X7 Access to your account via our Mobile App and Internet Banking facility

     d. Preferential exchange rates on remittances to India

    e. Transfer money to India whenever you like for free through our Mobile App "SBI CANADA ANYWHERE"


*Special Offers:

    1. For New Customers, on accounts opened online, SBI Canada Bank is offering special interest rate of +1.10%

        for CAD and +1.00 for USD Super Savaer Accounts opened until September 30, 2020 in addition to standard interest

        rate. The special interest rate is applicable until March 31, 2021. 


Click Here for T&Cs.


    2. If you open your chequing, saving or super saver account through Online Account Opening platform,

        the bank is waiving the monthly fees until March 31, 2021.


To apply online, you will be required to fulfil the following eligibility criteria and provide the required information:

Existing Customer

New Customer

Canadian Resident

Canadian Resident

Age of Majority1

Age of Majority

Registered Phone Number

Valid Phone Number

Email address

Email address

Customer ID Number2

Valid Photo ID3



Other information as required

Other information as required

1As defined in your province of residence.

2Customer ID Number is the first 9 digits of your account number. If you don’t have this number, please contact your branch.

3The acceptable IDs for opening an account through this platform are as follows:

a. Canadian Passport

b. Indian Passport

c. US Passport

d. Canadian Driver’s License

e. Permanent Resident Card issued in Canada

f. Provincial ID Card issued in Canada


The ID must be valid and current and could be provided during Identity verification process.

2.  Application Process

      a. The product features are displayed on the home page of the Online Account Opening portal and you can decide which account type will best suit your requirements.

       b. You should select the appropriate application: New Customer or Existing Customer

      c. If you are an Existing Customer of SBI Canada Bank, please use your Customer ID number and the cell phone number registered in bank’s records to proceed with the application. Customer ID Number is the first 9 digits of your account number. If you don’t have this number, please contact your branch.

      d. If you are a new customer, you must accept that you fulfill all the criteria for online account opening and then register using your email and mobile phone number.

       e. Once registered, the application reference number is sent through a text message and an email notification. This reference number can be used to resume your application anytime before the final submission.

       f. You should provide or update your personal information, employment details, tax details, and identification details in the online application. A new customer can also apply to open a joint account by providing the co-applicant details.

      g. A new customer needs to choose the method of ID verification which is either by visiting the SBI Canada Branch or a Canada Post outlet. Necessary instructions will be provided through email regarding ID verification.

      h. Kindly read, review and accept the Terms and Conditions before applying. You can access these disclosures by clicking the following links:

i.    Website Terms of Service

ii.    Account Terms & Conditions

iii.   Service Charges

iv.   Access to Basic Bank Policy

v.    Complaint Resolution Procedure

vi.   Coercive Tied Selling

vii.  Interest Rate

viii. CDIC

 ix.  PEP Definition

     i. On submission of the online account opening application, an email notification will be sent to your registered email address with instructions for ID verification.

    j. An existing customer is not required to do a fresh ID verification. You will receive an email notification when your application is accepted by the bank.

3.  ID Verification Process

    a. SBI Canada Branch Visit

If you have chosen to visit the branch to verify your identity document, please visit the nearest SBI Canada Branch within 30 days of the application. To enhance your experience and avoid the waiting period, we recommend booking an appointment before your visit.

To verify your identity, you will need to present the original photo ID declared in your online account opening application at the branch.

Should you need cheques for this account, you will need to sign the signature form in the SBI Canada Bank Branch.

    b. Canada Post Outlet Visit

If you have chosen to verify your identity by visiting a Canada Post Outlet, please check Canada Post working hours/holidays before your visit.

You will need to present the following documents at the Canada Post Outlet within the next 14 days:

       1. A printout of the Canada Post Bar Code letter emailed to you or you can also show it digitally on your mobile.

       2. The valid photo ID as declared in your account opening application.

       3. Proof of your Canadian residential address (a bank statement, a credit card statement, a utility bill, etc.)


Once Canada Post confirms the verification of your identity documents, you will receive an email notification when your application is accepted by the bank.

Should you need cheques for this account, you will need to sign the signature form in an SBI Canada Bank Branch.

Please refer to the FAQs page for more detailed information about Online Account Opening.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-866-724-2669 during business hours or email us at Our business hours are Monday to Friday from 09:30 AM to 04:00 PM EST.




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